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Camp Rules & Guidelines

The following guidelines will ensure the safety of students and preserve a Christian atmosphere. Please note the minimum age of campers is 12 YEARS OLD and the maximum age of campers is to be no older than 18 YEARS OLD.

*Please note that camp registration is also open to students who are 18 years of age and have graduated in the 2023-2024 school year. 

  1. Each camper must have their registration form signed by their parent and/or guardian and receive their pastor’s approval.

  2. All campers must register and reside on campus in the camp dorms.

  3. No camper is permitted to check out and/or leave the campgrounds before checkout without first securing written permission from their parent/guardian.

  4. All campers are expected to promptly attend and participate in all scheduled activities. A student may be excused from the group only if it involves health or personal issues. This must be approved by the camp administrator.

  5. Only registered campers are allowed to participate in the youth camp activities. Unknown/unregistered persons are not allowed in the dorm areas (except on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon for arrival and departure times)

  6. The Atlantic Youth Committee reserves the right to ask any individual who refuses to cooperate with any aspect of the Atlantic Youth Camp policies to immediately leave the campus. If they are a minor, their parent/legal guardian will be required to pick them up with no financial refund.

  7. Camp Administrators reserve the right to check all registered campers for head lice.

  8. Students that have driven themselves to camp must remain on campgrounds for the duration of the camp.

  9. Appearance guidelines for registered campers:

     Modesty must be observed in clothing at all times. Appearances should be Godly.


For Females:

- Makeup is not allowed.

- Makeup is not allowed.

- All dresses and skirts must cover the knees.

- Pants, culottes, and shorts are not allowed.

- All apparel must have sleeves.

- Necklines should be modest.

- Transparent or semi-transparent clothing is not allowed.

- Sleepwear is only to be worn inside the dorms.

For Guys:

- Pants must be full length. Shorts are not allowed.

- All shirts must have sleeves.

- Jewelry is not allowed.

- Sleepwear is only to be worn inside the dorms.


10. General hygiene practice and daily showers are encouraged.

11. Clothing logos or insignias that support anti-Christian values are not allowed.

12. No fighting (physically or verbally). No rough play or wrestling between students.

13. No inappropriate physical contact between students. Hugging, kissing, holding hands, and other acts of physical contact are prohibited.

14. No unmarried couples shall be together without supervision while on campus. The “6-inch space rule” applies to all students in every situation. This includes standing, sitting, or walking. Students are expected to keep their hands to themselves at all times. Students must remain visible and in open areas at all times.

15. Profanity and/or obscene gestures or referrals will not be tolerated (whether from media devices or a student). All behavior should be as Christ-like as possible.

16. No dangerous articles such as guns, knives, lighters, fireworks, or other potentially hazardous items are permitted. Shrink-wrap, water guns, or other "prank" disruptive items are forbidden. Possession of these articles may result in immediate expulsion from camp. It is solely the staff’s discretion to determine whether an item is considered dangerous or potentially dangerous.

17. No alcohol or tobacco in any form.

18. No vape products. Possession of these items will result in immediate termination from camp.

19. Only prescription drugs are allowed on campus. All medication must be disclosed to the Atlantic Youth Team. NO EXCEPTIONS.



  1. IT WILL BE PROHIBITED FOR ELECTRONICS TO BE USED DURING BEDTIME/LIGHTS OUT; this includes cell phones, DVD/CD players, computers, video games, etc. Any campers who bring the above items to camp will be required to turn them into the camp office. They will receive them back on Sunday morning before departure. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. NOTE: Campers bear SOLE responsibility for any lost or stolen electronics. For this reason, we ask that you leave them at home. We will not be responsible for them.

  3. No cell phones after lights out. Cell phones will be turned off and placed in a safe and secure area by your dorm counselors.

  4. No skateboards, rip stix, scooters, hoverboards, skates, Heelys, bikes or related items will be allowed on campus.

  5. The Camp Administrator reserves the right to search any luggage or personal items , if there is probable cause that a student may be in possession of a prohibited item.

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