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AGES 18-35

                           is a ministry by the UPCI designed for young adults. Here in the Atlantic District, this network exists for ages 18-35. Whether you're single, married, dating, parenting, attending university/college, working full time, working part-time- no matter the season you're in- we exist to equip and empower you to serve your church, your community, and discover and fulfill the purpose God has for your life. 


while 18-35 may seem like a big age gap...

We know that age is just a number. There are many people who are in the same place in life as you are, even though there may be some years between you! And the truth is, we're all still YOUNG, but we are definitely adults (hence the term, young adults) and are all facing similar struggles as we learn to balance life, ministry, family, work, etc..  This network of young adults brings people together of common interests and stages. Parents can connect. Singles can relate. Those who are studying in university, no matter the age, can all find something in common. There are coffee lovers who are 18 and coffee lovers who are 32. There are creatives and sports fans and musicians and nurses and teachers all within this age category- but the thing that brings us together the most is that during the ages of 18-35 life is moving quickly, we are continuously adapting to changes, and we are all in need of friendship, connection, growth and inspiration.


hyphen retreat  ~  november 24-25  ~  fredericton, nb

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